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In need of a Vision Statement?

Your vision statement is aspirational, defining the desired future position of your company.

Compressing the future into a couple of sentences is no mean feat, but it will pay dividends. Without a coherent vision, company direction is ill defined, which results in confusion and potential conflict.

What’s the difference between a project manager, product owner, and delivery manager?

Many organisations split their delivery teams into squads; within tribes; within domains – which look after areas of delivery or products. Each squad delivers from a backlog of requirements pertaining to their product.

What is a Solution Architect?

If everyone is in agreement about what makes a Solution Architect, then no one needs to externalise the definition … and no one will know that no one knows! This ignorance by association approach isn’t helpful, but it isn’t uncommon. The problem could be the term itself, so let’s take the time to break it […]

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