First Step

The shortest path between two points is not always a straight line. 

Make sure that you understand the business issue that you are trying to address, and the context of that business issue for your organisation.  This is going to help you to determine your approach.

Define your Project; understanding the problem is half the problem, and it’s also half the solution! 

If you think you might need some help, don’t hold back on asking for it.  Holding back doesn’t help!

The most effective step that you can make is the step that you don’t need to make again.

An outside perspective can bring valuable insights: ultimately the idea is to avoid wasting time and resources and to use the time and resources you have to devise the best solutions you can.  


It’s your vision; it’s your product … and the steps that you take are your’s too. 


Make the first step that you make the step that you make only once.


Think First

Think Differently

Think Now!