The Sanctity of Design

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“We don’t have time for design, we just need to get on and build this.”

Where is the value in design?

The thing about good design is that it looks and feels obvious; good design goes unnoticed. Poor design is noticeable, but it still largely goes unnoticed … because as long as the underlying functionality hasn’t been corrupted, it can still be made to work. Poor design works because of user workarounds and shortcuts.

Poor design will do the job, until good design comes along and makes poor design redundant!

What is the value in Design?

Design is the act of planning the best way to perform a task or to deliver a service. The value in a design is the time and effort saved by the effort put into the design by the designer.

The time and effort spent on design is a big factor in the development of any product or service.

Why is Design important?

Most of the things that human being interact with have been designed.

The things human beings interact with have been designed to:

  • Simplify life
  • Save time and effort
  • Increase efficiency

Designers solve problems.

Why do Design?

That’s simple … Design saves time.

A development process built around the philosophy of think-review-do is clearly more efficient in the longer term than the alternative do-review-think-redo approach that is so often adopted by those who are desperate to be seen to be doing something.

Proper design precedes better products.

Everything is designed … some things are designed well!

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