Now you’re thinking

A Better Way

We’re all focused on the “doing”.  We like to be seen to be “doing”, and if we’re honest, we like to be seen to be doing … quickly.

Doing stuff is easy (Bish Bosh Job Done!) and it’s also highly visible; thinking about doing stuff isn’t so easy, and it is also not something that is highly visible … in fact, from a distance, thinking about doing stuff looks a lot like you’re not doing stuff! 

But “doing” stuff quickly doesn’t mean doing stuff without first thinking about it.  In many cases – and you know that you’ve seen them, and maybe you’ve been a part of them – if you don’t apply the appropriate levels of assessment and evaluation, “doing” stuff quickly simply leads to “doing” stuff again.

It’s time to invest in the time to make sure your ideas work … first time!

Your Project, Your journey, Our Commitment

What do you expect?

Take Time to save Time

This isn’t some copy and paste mantra about time management taken from the “do yourself a favour” bookstore, this is about you having the strength of character to enable you to accept that something you’re working on maybe isn’t quite what you were hoping it might be, and to have the courage to do something about it.

Some things are fine and they work, and we can all pat ourselves on the back and we can all feel proud.  But some things go wrong, and some things don’t go as well as we hoped they would, and some things we just wish we had started from a different place.

We live in a world where not everything works and not everything goes to plan.  We can carry on or we can take a step back to consider the options.  If we carry on, attempting to “fix things quick” without understanding the causes, the chances are that we will end up doing things again.

Take the time to review your own situation.  If something is fundamentally unsound, now is the best time to find and address it.

It’s easier to spend time now, fixing things that you haven’t yet broken.  

Think → Do → Review

Ask yourself: Is the end of your project really the best time for you to hold a review?

End of project reviews are too late; they’re backward looking and they can do nothing to help you deliver what you’ve already done.

Do your project reviews when they can still make a difference. Your project reviews should look forwards, their purpose is to make a difference, so make them count. 

Think → Review → Do

Review the Review

Creating a design is one thing, and hopefully it’s something you can be proud of, but you always need to ask: will it work?

Ask yourself and you’re probably going to give yourself the answer you were looking for … and maybe that’s good enough.

Ask your team and they may well give you the same answer: the answer you were looking for … and maybe that’s good enough.

But is it the right answer?  You ask yourself and you’ve already got a good idea about what you’re going to say; you ask them, but they all have themselves to consider, they’re going to say what they think you want to hear. 

You ask us and we’ll tell you … honestly.


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The solution is clear

Achievement through Clarity

Three key elements to achieving what you want to achieve are: “Clarity, Clarity, Clarity”. 

The more you write and rewrite your goals, and the more you are able to think about them, the clearer they will become.  Achievable goals are clearly defined, and clearly defined goals come from thinking about doing!


There is a Better Way