Meet the team

Passion, pragmatism, straight-talking and vision.  These are the qualities the team at I/O Breviti have in common, and our people have grown their expertise across a variety of commercial landscapes over many years. 

Thinking, doing, and then thinking about what we’ve done has allowed us to help clients develop strategies for thinking first.

Pointing you in the right direction with experience, the know-how that we have distilled from that experience and a passion for doing the right thing.

Read about us below, and then get in touch.

Tracy Cook


With more than 25 years’ experience as a senior project manager, programme manager and leader, Tracy has delivered initiatives across b2b, b2b, retail, e-commerce, logistics, software, digital technology, SMEs and global corporate market sectors. She has developed extensive e-commercial, supply chain and operations expertise along the way, pioneering customer-centric initiatives for major multi-channel retail organisations.

Outside of work, Tracy is a keen walker and ‘mum’ to a pack of competition-trained border collies.

“I have a real passion for delivery; seeing something that I have been a part of crossing the line and starting to deliver benefits is what drives me. Too often, delivery teams are expected to start building a product when the business requirement and expected benefit is not fully understood or when the architectural design isn’t fully specified. This often leads to abandoned work, missed deadlines and a demotivated team. I’m excited to be a part of I/O Breviti and I share the same passions and drivers as the rest of the founding team. I strongly believe that, by getting involved early enough in the process, we can use our collective knowledge and experience to break this cycle and bring true benefits to our customers.”

David Griffiths


David has been designing, developing, and delivering complex customer facing systems and services for more than 30 years.  He has extensive experience of the full project lifecycle, from ideation to implementation, with a particular interest in the intricacies and challenges of project initiation.  He has worked alongside many clients, across industries, to help streamline ideas and define the products and services that customers want.

David has three grown-up daughters and now lives in relative peace with Tina and two cats.

‘’Many project deliveries flounder because of an overzealous tendency to want to get things done immediately.  There’s nothing wrong with enthusiasm but, time and again, we hear people say, “I never thought of that” or “how did we miss this?”  Experience has taught me – sometimes the hard way – that the best approach is to think first, then step away, sleep on it, and return to review what you’ve done: time well spent before making a significant business commitment.

Modern development techniques allow for rapid changes in direction, but they don’t allow for the correction of logical errors in the original thinking.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or how much faith you put into the development and change process, if it’s not right when you start, no amount of money spent on bright developers doing bright development will fix it.

Time spent thinking is never wasted.  I’ve found the best way to speed up is usually to slow down.’’

Chloe Crabtree


Chloe has been involved in the delivery of new customer digital propositions for over 20 years.  In that time, she has been involved in projects for many organisations across the retail, hospitality, marketing, IT and outsourcing sectors.  Chloe has developed a string of many and varied solutions and has a long history of implementing e-commerce, loyalty, CRM, CX, mobile apps and website solutions.

Outside work, Chloe enjoys an active lifestyle and spends a lot of time exploring the great outdoors with her family and animals.

“As companies evolve in the digital eco system that underpins the modern world today, there is a lot more than just the technology to get right.  One of the main challenges for businesses is stepping back and looking at the holistic picture of what they are trying to change.  At I/O Breviti we work with our clients, helping them to think about what they are doing … and why … before they start the doing. 

Experience has shown me that investing time at the beginning really does save time in the long run.”

Marc Hurds


With over twenty years’ delivery experience, Marc is a project manager, programme manager and scrum master, with full-project lifecycle delivery experience in web, e-commerce, software development and IT infrastructure projects, in large and small businesses, with a track record of successful delivery. As co-founder of I/O Breviti, Marc is excited by the opportunities the accumulated knowledge and experience in the company will create for customers.

Marc is a real ale enthusiast, a music lover and guitarist, and has a keen interest in 20th Century history.

“Experience has taught me that there are multiple factors involved in why projects experience difficulties during the delivery process. Often, the problems you’re trying to solve aren’t fully understood as part of the ‘definition and requirements’ defining process. As a consequence, the business needs initially outlined as ‘requirements’ effectively only serve to paper over the cracks, masking the real requirements of a change project. This often leads to compromised solutions, that only serve to build up disenchantment in those using the solutions, day in, day out.

One of the key drivers behind the foundation of I/O Breviti is my passion for ensuring requirements are fully understood, and that they inform the interaction design, development and operational processes to deliver robust, fit for purpose solutions, that not only meet expectations but exceed them.”

We have experience, we have the “know-how” we’ve distilled from that experience and we have a passion for doing the right thing.
  Is there any point in doing anything if we’re not going to try and do it right?